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Hatirjheel is a popular recreational spot which is located at the center of Dhaka city and used as a transportation medium. It’s a lakefront actually and the lake flows with a 16 km road surrounding it. The entire area of Hatirjheel has about four main and four minor bridges, several flyovers, overbridges, footpaths, walkway, one children park, and 13 viewing decks. Visitors can enjoy the environment by walking along Hatirjheel and sitting by the peaceful lakefront. There are opportunities to have boat rides for the visitors. At night, the bridges are illuminated by multi-colored lights which make the entire area look amazingly beautiful. The trees and shrubs of the area increase the beauty and bring more freshness in the air. There are some restaurants where visitors can have their meal. There is a  colourful musical fountain with a time-controlled sound wave and musical track also. The place is crowded but it’s not so safe to visit the place at night.

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