Satchari National Park is a heaven for nature lovers. To connect with the pure environment, green trees, wildflowers, rare species, and what not you can meet here. Here are all the brief you need to know before visiting there:


• In the rainy season, your vising in the forest may hamper with the water insects, leech, snakes, and so on. To get rid of these, you can wear waterproof, high boots and raincoats. Similarly, to protect your electronic devices like cellphones, cameras carry plastic bags too.
• There is no meal service around the park. Do not forget to bring food, enough water, and necessary elements if you are going to stay longer.
• Appoint a tour guide as soon as you arrive at the park, it will make your tour more comfortable, and you can enjoy the most of it.
• You can hardly find a cellphone network inside the park, so make sure to do all the contacts before entering.
• There is no accommodation facility, so it must be a one day tour to the park.

The Satchari National Park is a fantastic place that attracts foreign tourists along with natives. It brings nature closer to us. Keeping it clean and saving the extinct species is our responsibility.


In 2005 Satchari National Park was built-in after the law of wildlife preservation in 1974. This place is covering around 600 acres of land. In this vast forest, seven different streams are flowing, which inspired the name of "Satchari" in Bengali "Seven-streams."

There are visible, rare plants and animals which turn this park more valuable and draws the mass's attention. As per some information, 24 families of a tribe named Tipra live Tipra-village near the park from 2007.


Satchari national park is a vast area. Visiting all of it and crossing your path with the rare plants and creatures living there would not be possible if you have limited time. There are some places which you should not miss visiting while traveling here. Which are:
• Watch Tower
A watchtower has established somewhere middle in the forest. Other than riding up there and enjoy a full upper view of the whole place, it will immensely help if you lost the trace of your group. Riding up there requires a lot of energy, so if you have the plan to cover most of the forest, then avoiding this task would be a better choice.
• Rare Species
Researchers have found at least 145 species of plants in the forest. Most of them we already know, and a few are still not discovered.
Some of the attention catcher trees are Redhead Trogon, Gurjan, Jarul, and plants are Agar, Bishlata, Orchid, and the list goes on.
• Tree Activity
This place indeed has an enormous amount of trees of different sizes. A tree activity had added to raise the adventure level for tourists, which received a lot of appreciation from excitement lovers.
The summary of this plot is, they provide wooden stairs, unlike the normal ones, bonded up in the tree with the rope and after reaching up at that higher with a staircase from the ground, you have to cross four to five wooden platforms while you will only have the support of a rope.
There is less risk but great enjoyment. No accident from this activity has ever heard. Still perform it at your own risk.
• Meet Wildlife
There are precisely 264 species of wildlife here from which 24 kinds of mammals, 19 types of amphibians, the most massive 183 types of birds, and about 38 types of reptiles are on the list.
Among them, Imperial pigeons, Capped Langur, Junglefowl, Hooded pitta are famous.
• Tea Gardens
As the park locates near Sylhet, you can find about nine tea gardens around the park. You will also see other tea gardens while you will be on the way to Chunarighat to the park.
You have to visit these gardens and take pictures. You can buy fresh tea leaves from nearby shops. The worker of the tea gardens also lives nearer villages here in case you needed any information or survey.

What To Do:
  • If you are interested in wildlife photography, Satchari National Park is a perfect place for you. Though you need to be patient to capture your best shot as animals here are not very friendly.
  • The tree activity they have arranged is a must to do for adventure lovers.
  • There are several tea gardens around, visiting there would add more to your tour diary so plan for enough time to visit it too.
  • If you are one of the interested people about the vast amount species of plants and animals here, then you sure are going to gather lots of experience in this park.

Entry and Parking Costs:
You have to pay an entry fee to enter inside, which is an inexpensive amount of 20 BDT for adults and 10 BDT for both children and students who have their ID cards. For foreigners, the amount is $5 equal to BDT. They also welcome school or community picnics, but you would need to get their approval before arriving, and in that case, the entry fee per person will be 10 BDT.

For parking your vehicle at the park, you must pay 5 BDT if you are parking on your own. Otherwise, to get their parking facility, you have to pay 25 BDT at most.