Nilachol is a wonderful tourist spot which is located at Tigerpara, just 5 km away from Bandarban. The spot is maintained by district administration and locally, it is known as tiger hill. It is near about 2000 feet above of sea level. The entire Bandarban city can be seen at a glance by standing at the peak of Nilachol. Walking through the clouds in the rainy season, feeling fogs in winter, and the beauty of moonlit night, sunset and sunrise attract the tourists a lot.

Nilachol tourist center situated on the hills of about 2,000 feet above Bandarban City. Just 5 km away from the city is a lilac area of ​​beautiful beauty located in Tiger Para area. Around the hilly slopes of the horizontal hills, the paved roads, the hill tracts and the Rupali rivers should be painted somewhere along the artist’s painted picture. The entire Bandarban city can be seen from this hill at a glance. Sunrise and sunset can be seen from here. Nilachol Hill area is called the heaven. Tourists can enjoy the wonderful view of the Cox’s Bazar coastline in the cloudless sky. Especially the scenes of sunlight in our eyes bring a feeling of divine feeling. Monsoon in this place, autumn or autumn may be touched in three seasons.

After leaving the city about three kilometers in the way of Chittagong, a narrow road has left the left bank of the Nilachol. It is about two kilometer long to reach the mountain. On the other side of the path, the small ethnic group will be seen in a small village.


Entry price

The entry price of 30 rupees per person at Nilchalal Tourist Complex The road toll is to be paid in the drain. Auto Rickshaw 30 Taka, Zip 60 Taka Tourists can stay in the dublight from morning till sunset.


Recent new places have been made here for tourists. There are also some more rest houses at the bottom, starting from ‘Hanging Neela’ next to the ticket room. Among these are the ‘Neharka’ and ‘Valentine’ points. These places are arranged in slopes on the slopes of hills. One from one to another is very different. There are different scenes from different areas of the mountain. However, the beauty of the original blue light is much more. The beauty of the mountain can be enjoyed from here.

One of the attractions here is Nilachol Escape Resort. For the general tourists, the sunset is allowed at this place. However, this place is always open for guests of the resort.