Sajek valley is one of the most proclaimed aesthetic places to visit among the young’s in recent years. This terrific valley is on the north side of Chittagong. You can also map out the Sajek Valley from both Rangamati and Khagrachari, subsequently 95 kilometers north and 67 kilometers from north-east.

There are still travelers who are unaware of the name Sajek Valley comes from the Sajek river that born from the Karnafuli river and works as an active border between our country and India.

  • Sajek has lots of hills, so do not forget to wear suitable clothes and comfortable shoes for going up and down the mountain.
  • Being a hilly area, it is freezing in winter. Take enough warm clothes to avoid getting sick without comparing the weather with the city.
  • There is hardly any network in Sajek, so get in touch before boarding the chader-gari in Khagrachari.


There is no definite history behind the existence of Sajek, but Sajek belongs to Rangamati, which was once owned by the Mughal Empire. Around 1636, a tribe defeated the Mughals and took refuge, and later the Chakma tribe settled there. This place was under the control of the East India Company for some time before our country became independent.


Places to Visit
Sajek Valley is a must approaching spot for all the pure ancient nature lovers. No modern life facilities are entertained here. The cold breeze and peaceful silence you will be engaging with above almost 1800 feet higher from sea-level is not something you could experience every day. There are a few places to visit. The main idea instead is to staying emerged into nature. Still, the areas that you will come across your path and create an excellent experience are:

The Journey Via Chader-gari
If you have never been to the mountains before then, you are going to enjoy the ongoing ride on chader-gari. The up and down road, covered with green, brings a wave of eternal peace and excitement at the same time. Rather than waiting for reaching and start sight-seeing, the real journey already begins when you are riding towards Sajek in a Chader-gari.

Konglak Para and Ruilui Para
These two areas are the living place for inhabitants there. By visiting Konglak and Ruilui Para, you get to know various tribes living there and their culture, lifestyle, their traditional cloth, food, and whatnot. The Konglak River, along with other small rivers and mountains, is a bonus that enhances your experience of visiting Sajek more.

A vast area for landing aircraft as a strong army battalion is always on duty there because of security issues near the borderline. Almost all tourists gather there once to enjoy the sun-rise or sunset. So it can be counted as one of the tourist places too.

What To Do:
  • Resorts arrange barbecue parties for their guests at midnight, allowing you to spend the night at the resort where you can spend most of the night.
  • Take some time out and make sure to visit Sikam Toysa Falls. However, the road to get there is not easy for everyone. If you are able, you must visit this waterfall.
  • There are also some army resorts, which are not available to all travelers. But if you get a chance to stay there, do not miss the best views of the surroundings.

The total cost per person in the entire tour is more or less 3500-7000 BDT for one day. If your days of staying increases, of course, the price for hotel and foods add up sequentially. Though you have to spend more on traveling there and coming back, the affordable hotel rent will help you to maintain the budget.