The National Botanical Garden of Bangladesh is known as the Botanical Garden. The Botanical Gardens are located next to the Dhaka Zoo. There are many known and unknown types of trees in this garden. This National Park is situated on 208 acres of land. Hundreds of ordinary people, visitors come to show national parks every day.

There are about 800 species of trees in this park. Among these trees there are many types of fruit and flower garden. As the garden is about 2.5 kilometers wide, there are pond, dighi, bush and other species of medicinal plants in addition to fruit and flower garden.

Visitors can complain about any kind of disaster at the office of the forest department officer inside the garden.


Closed-open schedules:

March to November: 9.00am to 5.00pm every day
December to February: From 9.00am to 4.30pm every morning

Ticket Price:

10 rupees for adults, 5 rupees for children The admission fee for students coming to the admission-seeked educational tour is Tk. 3